This is my first post on AppReviews. I use a lot of apps, I check out a lot of new apps, and I enjoy reviewing software. Seems like a good combination for creating a review site. So, “Hello World”.


I’ve been using Groceries for years. It may not be the best app out there for managing a grocery list, I don’t know, because I chose it when I got my original iPhone and I’ve been a happy user ever since.

It’s core job is managing your grocery list. It supports multiple lists so, for example, if you buy most of your groceries at the local grocery store but get some items at Costco, you can have a separate Costco list. It has a Favourites list for quickly populating your shopping list with things you buy frequently, and various ways of searching for items.

For each item on the list, you can configure an aisle. When you’re in the grocery store, your list will be sorted by aisle, so you spend less time zig zagging around the store. You can search for items without an aisle configured and fix them all en-masse – handy for keeping this data current. This worked great for a while, but my local grocery store just moved everything around and now my database is out of sync with the store. Definitely a first world problem.

Groceries comes with a large list of real products pre-configured, but I find that sometimes I just want “Hamburger Buns” and I don’t want to pick the manufacturer.

My favourite part of the app is the grocery list interface, which I use while walking around the grocery store. Tapping on an item in the list crosses it off, and you can also have it remove the crossed-off items from the list, so the list shrinks as you’re shopping until it’s finally empty. Or, if there are any items you didn’t get, you can reset the list to just the items remaining. Handy.

So that’s my first review. I’ll probably go through a couple of “old favourites” before getting to the new stuff.

App Store link: Groceries

Groceries-1 Groceries-2


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